German Marketing Award   Award




    LIAA London International Advertising Award   Finalist

    Digital Communication Award   Nominee

    German Brand Award    2 x Award

    Stör New Media Award  Award


    Clio Awards   finalist

    Deutscher Werbefilmpreis Nominee

    LIAA London International Advertising Award   bronze

    Digital Communication Award   award

    German Online Communication Award   award

    Deutscher Digital Award   silver

    Creative pool award finalist


    iF Design Award   award

    European Excellence Award   2 x award

    Circulo de Oro   silver

    German Online Communication Award   award

    EEofE   3rd Place

    NY Festivals BEST World Advertising   finalist

    Red Dot Award Best-of-the-Best   award

    Digital communication award   award

    Marconomy B2B Marketing Award   2nd Place

    CommAward   3rd Place


    Eyes&Ears of Europe   award

    LIAA   finalist

    RedDot Award   award

    MENA Cristal Award   1st place

    NY Festivals   2x finalist

    promax&bda europe   2xfinalist


    promax&bda europe   1xfinalist


    promax&bda europe   1xgold/1xsilver

    new york festivals   1xworld silver/1x world bronze

    ampe de plata   silver

    new york festival/hispanic advertising   silver

    clio awards   silver

    promax&bda arabia   gold

    promax&bda world gold   finalist


    das deutsche fernsehepreis   1st preis

    new york festivals   world gold medal

    adc germany   bronze nail

    if communication design digital media/animation   award


    red dot award communication design   red dot

    new york festivals   gold world medal

    clio awards   2xsilver/1xbronze

    circulo creativo de mexico   1xsilver/1xbronze

    mobius awards   gold statuette

    mobius awards best of shows   nominee

    promax & bda europe   finalist


    ojo de iberoamerica   gold

    the kinsale shark awards   gold

    london international advertising awards   silver

    bda world design award   finalist

    shark awards   gold


    telly award   3x1st place/silver statue

    new york festivals/intl. advertising awards   finalist

    hugo award   1xsilver hugo/1xfinalist

    mobius award   2x1st place/2x2nd place

    london international advertising awards   finalist


    italian fashion award   gold

    animago   1st place

    new york festivals/tv program.-promotion   finalist

    new york festivals – world gold   bronze


    red dot award communication design   award

    bda world gold award   3xgold

    promax & bda asia   1xsilver

    promax & bda arabia   2xsilver/4xfinalist

    promax & bda europe   2xfinalist

    fiap south america   silver/4xbronze

    ojo de iberoamerica   1st place

    eyes & ears of europe   2xdistinction

    london international advertising festival   gold

    new york festivals/tv cinema advertising   gold


    new york festivals/tv program.-promotion   1xbronze

    new york festivals/tv cinema advertising   1xfinalist

    bda world gold award   4xgold/1xsilver/1xbronze

    promax/bda europe   1xsilver

    animago   professional compositing  award


    new york festivals/tv program.-promotion   1xgold/2xdistinction/4xbronze

    new york festivals/tv cinema advertising   1xsilver

    adc germany   1xbronze

    promax/bda europe   1xfinalist

    promax&bda latin america   1xsilver

    animago   professional compositing award


    bda international 2002   7xsilver

    promax international 2002   1xworld class award/2xsilver

    promax europe   4xgold/2xsilver

    new york festival   1xgold/1xfinalist

    type directors club   auszeichnung


    bda international   4xgold/2xsilver

    red dot award communication design   award

    animago award   professional compositing  award

    new york festival   2xfinalist

    adc new york   silver

    bda asia   gold


    new york festival   1xsilver/3xfinalist

    adc   1xgold/1xauszeichnung

    eyes and ears   4xwinner

    promax europe   2xgold


    promax europe   4xgold/2xsilver

    london international advertising award   professional compositing

    21. int. tv-spot and commercial festival   klappe

    new york festival   1xgold/1xbronze

    eyes and ears   3xwinner/4xfinalist

    bda international   2xsilver/2xbronze

    cannes lions   finalist

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